Teacher's Training

Early Childhood Education has now been recognized as the most important need in the current scenario world over. With the growing demand and recognition there is a need to have quality educators or experts in the field of preschaool.

This teacher training course will lead to the creation of the best quality educators in preschool segment.

  • We believes in child-centered education and attempts to offer unique opportunity for the optimum development of children through the Nursery Teacher Training method, in order to ensure that every child gets proper & well systematic education through trained teachers.
  • Instructional theory lectures with hands on learning experience – It is for a better and a simplified understanding of Early Childhood theories with its execution and implementation in a preschool classroom.
  • Experienced & Professionals as guest lecturers – Experts of various domains will be arranged to address to the participants as well as interact so as to value add on the knowledge that they gain from the on-going theory with their rich experience.
  • Child Psychology & Child Behaviour management – This will empower parents and teachers to understand the concept of child development.